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Join Monday Mayday every Monday night for Manic Mondays...ok enough with the Mondays, but if you love zany comedy, random facts, weird holidays, and all manner of nonsense then this show is most defiantly for you. From Top-Gun to obscure cereals, national cat day to the truth behind hotdog venders there's no subject that's off limits or taboo to our unhinged host. So start your week off right with a healthy dose of mania. 

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Monday Mayday loves all creatures big and small, and on this quirky weekly adventure, she will be sharing that love with you. Whether in the studio or on location, get ready to hear great stories, learn fun facts, and get to meet the "creature of the week” as well as many other fun games and activities. From gators to elephants, lions to snakes you will surely learn a thing or two about our planets many magnificent critters and creatures, all while having a delightfully entertaining time. Heck, you might even get to name a few!! 

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Noted as one of the "World's first cosplaying puppets," Monday Mayday, is spreading the cosplay love all over her Thursday streams. Whether you're into Star Wars or Harry Potter, Disney or Marvel, Cosplay Thursdays has something for every fan. So join Monday and her costumed guest each week as they explore the fandoms we all love.

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Want to know how to survive a zombie attack? How about the top 10 vampire movies of all time? Or maybe you want to know what your favorite celebrity would do in an alien invasion? Well Your Host Mezmeralda Moonlight has got you covered. Join Mezmeralda each week on Bat Chat where her and her guest tackle the darker side of life. With special guests, interesting trivia, and lots of weird surprises you’re guaranteed to have a fang-tastic time!

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