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Originally hailing from Toronto Canada, Monday Mayday can sing, act, and dance making her a true triple threat. It was this love of performance art that led her to found “SLP TV”,  a production studio dedicated to bringing the world only the best in puppet entertainment. 


Beyond loving cosplay and cursing, as well as hating being compared to other puppets like fraggles, there is much more than meets the eye when it comes to this offbeat on-air personality/entertainment mogul.


Often referring to herself as “the people’s puppet” Ms. Mayday is also known for being quite outspoken and very opinionated when it comes to the things and people she cares about. Monday loves most everyone she meets and does her best to tolerate the rest, including her very talented frenemy Mezmeralda, who she believes will be a big star someday.

Mezmeralda (1).png

Not much is known about Mezmeralda Moonlight from around the time she was turned in the 1500’s, but a few legends remain, including a quaint one about King Henry the 8th attempting to court her as his wife, only to have her turn into a bat and fly away leaving him both lonely and dumbstruck on a tower, but such is the crazy world that is Mezmeralda’s love life. In fact, you could even say she is a serial dater, although she would consider herself a hopeless romantic adrift a sea of possibilities.


Although she is quite intelligent, she sometimes gets confused by certain forms of human culture, which does lead to a few misunderstandings, but all and all she has most of life figured out. In addition to these foibles, she is known for being a drama queen with her friends and sometimes overreacts to simple problems. Her biggest dream is to one day have her own talk show, where millions of people and vampires can tune in and see her every week, and this is why she joined Monday Mayday at SLP TV.


A man of few words, Nelson is a native new yorker who embodies the true spirit of rock all the way to his core. Sporting such hobbies as partying hard, rocking his face off, and competitive level lip-syncing, Nelson is considered to be a pretty chill and happy-go-lucky person by all who know him.  He often talks about the band he is in although no one has ever seen them,  and no one is even really sure his band exists, they just play along since he is such  a good guy.


Now despite the fact that he can play air guitar better than a real guitar and may have imaginary bandmates he has a real knack for tech and film equipment. This is why Monday Mayday hired him to work with her, Mezmeralda, and the gang at SLP TV.

Bayr Ast.png

Coming straight out of the south, where the accents are thick and the weather is sizzling, Bayr Ast is a tv host by trade and a nudist by life-style choice. He is known to be a little touchy when it comes to his pet peeves but is generally considered wise and grounded. He is prone to fits of reminiscing, mostly about his Mammy (Fatty Ast) and his Pappy (Harry Ast) and the life lessons they taught him before being called home by the lord. However, none of these lessons rang more important than the one passed down by his father and became his personal mantra, “Don’t piss people off.” 

One day while purchasing fig leaves, which he wears as to not offend others when he is in public, he ran into a young TV producer named Monday. After a very long and very nude chat, she decided to offer him a job at SLP TV has an on-air personality and he has been there ever since.

Fiona Fairway (1).png

Fiona fairway has many motherly qualities such as being  kind, caring, and fun, while simultaneously being tough and a little bit scary. Originally from Scotland she immigrated to the sunny state of Florida many years ago and this is where she still resides today. As an avid conversationalist, whose always enjoyed a good and deep chat, Fiona has never really wanted to be famous per say, but as always dreamed of a larger platform for her many lively and interesting discussion topics.


Now how she came to work at SLP TV is another story all together. She had spotted a crew of puppets filming something at her favorite golf course and on further inspection learned they were a puppet production company. Intrigued and wanting to be a part of the future of puppet entertainment, she walked right up to Monday Mayday and told her that she now worked there. Everyone was a bit confused and a little taken back,  but in the end decided to let it be and let her stay with the team, even though they weren’t sure that they truly had a choice.

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